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Music lives here

We are a local company; everything we do is in this city and for this city. We are community builders, and nothing brings people together more than music.

So what exactly is
Richcraft Live?

So what exactly is Richcraft Live?

Richcraft Live is a partnership between Richcraft Homes, Senators Sports & Entertainment, Live Nation and the Canadian Tire Centre (CTC), to bring live music and the experiences that go with it to this great city.

As the new title sponsor for all music and entertainment shows at the CTC we are proud to stand alongside the fans!


Richcraft Live


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Richcraft Live VIP Zone and Seating

The Canadian Tire Centre arena has different configurations for concerts, with full and half arena seating arrangements. Arena seating is in three levels; 100, 200 and 300, which are fixed sections surrounding the arena floor.

Richcraft Live VIP Zone is located near the Stage, at the front of section 116.

Richcraft Live VIP Zone

Richcraft Live VIP Zone

Richcraft Homes

Richcraft Homes

Since 1984 Richcraft Homes has had the honour of building homes for over 15,000 families in Ottawa. Our team has a passion for great design and it is reflected in the vast array of award-winning plans, from towering highrises to sleek multi-unit to cute starter to multi-generational family homes.

Quality is the foundation of every home we build, we are excited to share this experience with you.

Richcraft Homes